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Where Your STYLE Comes To Life

Esmeralda - Owner


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Nataly - Creative Manager



Nataly - After graduating from USF in 2016, she explored the coorprate world and decided she wanted to embark on the most challenging venture of her life with her mother, and together they operate Esmeralda's Boutique. 

Nataly loves planning, editing, and coffee. She would describe her style as "sporty chic. anything that is comfy with a stylish twist"

Sonia - Stylist & Fashion Expert


Sonia - Alsoknown as the fiery Italian. Sonia is from Naples, Italy and she brings the pow to the boutique 

Lintzy - Stylist & Fashion Expert


Lintzy - Born and raised in Florida. Fashion has always been a big party of her life. Lintzy enjoys helping people find their styles. She is very outgoing and always wanting to challenge herself and others to think outside the box. 

Lintzy would describe her styles as adventurous - always setting new fashion trends. 



 Bio Coming Soon!